Whenever I hear people say that classical music is boring I just want to remind them that Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture called for a cannon to be fired a total of 16 times.


remove cattle from stage

that’s not even the best partimagekey terms include:

  • balance your chair on two legs”
  • "continue swimming motion"
  • "insert peanuts"
  • "play ball!"
  • "release the penguins"
  • "gradually become agitated"
  • "light explosives now….. and…..   ….. now."


UPDATE: I’m currently estimated to be at $110. I need at LEAST $350 to survive this month! If any of you are interested or could spread the word, please please please do so!! My due date is July 5th and I have to have all of my money in the bank, so factoring out Paypal’s 3-5 days, that’s really only a few more days left to get all the money I can for rent/electric! Please help if you can by signal boosting or suggesting me to people who might be interested!

UPDATE: Commissions will be open all summer - so I will take anything I can get so long as I have a slot!


Hey guys! It’s that time again. Commission time!! I have to pay for rent and all that good stuff, so I’m opening up commissions again! You can reach me on these tumblrs, as well as deviantartmy email (hover for info; is also how you pay me for my commissions- do not use the donation link any more!!), and flight risingI have to make around $450 to survive each month (some of which will help me survive in future months too), so any bit helps!

  • I take paypal, but am willing to explore other options
  • I prefer payment upfront (but my due date is July 5th so we can work something out!)
  • will do NSFW work, within reason (I will NOT do NSFW work for you if you are under 18 y/o)
  • I am willing to negotiate
  • I am a slow worker & am working on other commissions as well
  • I am willing to give you progress reports/screenies if you ask
  • Ask me if you have questions (even if you think you’re being annoying; clear communication is key!!)
  • Do not remove my signature, and do not repost my artwork on any website without my explicit permission!

I am also open to donations (go to the sidebar of this blog to reach them, do not use this for commission payments anymore!) if you feel generous! I’m currently taking any commissions I can get, so feel free to buy as much as you like! This list is for July only; my June list is saved on my computer!

  1. Kaylee - Full Body (1 +1 chara) - UNPAID
  2. Justin - Full Body (1 +3 charas) - UNPAID
  3. Raja - 3 Busts (individual) - UNPAID
  4. None
  5. None
  6. None
  7. None


  1. None

Ping List/Those Interested

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If you ever hate or are embarrassed by the Naruto fandom, just remember it didn’t join in an alliance with One Piece and Bleach and make something embarrassing like SuperWhoLock.

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A little girl hears for the first time the Muslim call to prayer.


i cant believe that this story hasn’t even started and I have an OT3